League of Legends: Collegiate and Academic Esports are Reborn September 17th –

Inven Global is pleased to announce Twitch’s Director of Student and Education Programs, Mark “Garvey” Candella, as their keynote speaker for the first annual Inven Global Esports and Academia Summit, held virtually throughout September 17 – 20th.

Candella is a passionate champion for the expansion and advancement of collegiate esports. His work has been vital in connecting the esports industry with academic leaders (both student and professional) through a shared goal of expanding esports into the mainstream and promoting student excellence through competition. 

What is IGEAS

IGEAS 2020 is a virtual networking event for the collegiate esports industry. Although the world has changed, the need for networking, mentorship, and innovation within the collegiate esports space has stayed the same. Using a new virtual event platform, Inven Global is inviting all students, educators, esports professionals, and academic administrators to join us in four days of virtual networking, panels, tournaments, and more.

Who should attend IGEAS?

  • Student leaders and passionate esports hopefuls.
  • College administrative professionals, admissions officers, academic advisors and athletic Director,
  • STEAM educators who want to learn about esports and student engagement
  • Esports industry experts looking for careers in academia.
  • Marketing professionals looking to expand their knowledge of esports and it’s consumers.


IGEAS is a ticketed virtual event located on our virtual event platform.


Premium Ticket$150

– Access to both Student and Business panel tracks during event.
– Premium virtual goody bag featuring giveaways, codes, and gifts from our sponsors.
– Access to Swapcard networking features and IGEAS Networking Assistance Team
– Placement on the preferred list for all future Inven Global industry events and giveaways
– Opportunity to speak during IGEAS 2020 Flash Connect event
– Admission to IGEAS Career Fair


Student Ticket$40

– Access to Student panel track during the 17th and the 18th
– Student goody bag featuring rewards and gifts from select sponsors”
– Access to Swapcard networking features
– Admission to IGEAS Career Fair

(email igeas@invenglobal.com for bulk purchasing rates or if you are a student looking to attend our event through other means)

Career opportunities

With the support of Hitmarker and our partners, we are also holding an Esports Career Fair from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM on September 17th and 18th on our virtual event platform.

Our Esports Career Fair will feature a large collection of visitable booths from our sponsors, esports organizations, colleges with esports programs, and other valuable resources for the esports opportunity seeker. 


Panels include:

  • How to use your standard degree towards an esports career.
    Student Track
  • Staring at screens: what are students really doing when competing in esports?

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