League of Legends: C9 Nisqy: “People are saying FlyQuest isn’t good, but they


Cloud9 fell to FlyQuest in an extremely one-sided – practically 4-0 – series that qualified FlyQuest to Worlds and sent C9 to the lower bracket to match up against Evil Geniuses next week. C9 had an incredible start to the Summer Split, going 9-0 in the first round-robin. However, since then, including this series, the team has just a 5-8 record. 


FlyQuest completely outmaneuvered Cloud9 throughout the series,  taking 15 drakes to C9’s four, and five Heralds to C9’s three. The early game kills combined with the incredible objective control was too much for the NA second seed to handle and carried FlyQuest to the series victory. The one win Cloud9 got was thanks to a huge late-game throw from FlyQuest that C9 capitalized well on, but the one win isn’t enough to take the series.



After the games, we spoke with Cloud9 Mid Laner, Yasin “Nisqy” Dinçer, to get his take on the team’s performance issues, the mid lane meta, and his hopes for qualifying for Worlds.


What do you feel like went wrong for C9? Do you feel like it was preparation or is FlyQuest just the better team right now?


I’m not sure, to be honest. I think FLY played a decent game. We lost a lot of early fights and early dragons and stuff from just making mistakes. We forced a lot when their Shen was level six, and other stuff like that – just random mistakes. We just didn’t play that well today. 


This was the first time you guys played on this patch, do you feel like that had anything to do with it? 


Not necessarily, no. I feel like it was kind of the same meta as in scrims, minus a few picks. But I don’t feel like it’s a meta issue or anything like that. 



You’ve struggled a lot since the first half of the Summer Split, do you all have a firm grasp of what is going on with the team?


I’m not so sure. We still win most of our games in scrims, so maybe it’s just that FLY was a better team today, or maybe the teams we’re scrimming are just worse in general. I’m not sure.


You’re playing EG this weekend, do you have any thoughts about them?


I feel like we should be able to win against EG, we just have to figure out our issues. Today we made too many mistakes – everyone did. So I think if we prep well we should be able to beat EG, yeah. 


It’s going to be in just two days, what can the team even do to prepare with only one day? 


I think tomorrow, we’re probably going to scrim and figure out what we’re going to play on Saturday, whether we want to change things or not. So we’ll figure that out and practice it and then learn a lot from today as well. It was four games, and in all of them we made mistakes, so we’ll improve from reviewing them as well. 



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