League of Legends already has almost 2 million players in Latam

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League of Legends had its premiere in 2009 and more than 10 years later, the MOBA continues to grow constantly around the world, a fact demonstrable in numbers. As statistics show, the number of League of Legends players has not stopped increasing over the years. Latin America already has a total of more than 1.8 million players. On the other hand, the Western European server alone already has more than 4,000,000 players by the end of last season 10.

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The number of players in EUW has grown by more than one million compared to last year, a figure that is nothing less if we consider that they are ranked game players, so not all players who play sporadically enter those 4 million. This is the first time this server has exceeded 4 million players.

If we go to a more global context, the largest server is that of South Korea, which reaches 4,795,550 players, while North America has half of this: 2,235,007 players. Minor servers like Brazil have also seen their player base rise in recent years. With which it is more than clear: we have League of Legends for much longer.

According to data shown by Reddit user u / xourc3, these are the number of players per region:

KR – 4,795,550

EUW – 4,032,653

NA – 2,235,007

EUNE – 1,958,275

BR – 1,727,466

TR – 1,037,559

LAN – 922,118

LAS -910,671

RU – 285,982

OCE – 270,318

JP – 148,095

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