League of Legends: [2021 LCK Spring Media Day] T1 Daeny: “The rate that DWG


On Jan. 6, the media day for the 2020 LCK Spring Split was held online through Zoom. The head coaches and a player from each team participated to talk about the upcoming spring season and share their expectations and resolutions with the press. Below is the full transcript of the media day.



Which team do you think will become the 2021 Spring champions, and which place do you think your team will place?


DWG kkOma: I believe that we’re the strongest championship contenders.

DWG ShowMaker: I agree as well.


DRX SSONG: I think DWG looks the strongest. We’re hoping for a 5th place regular split finish.

DRX Pyosik: I think DWG will win Spring. I think we’ll finish 6th or 7th (laughter).


GEN oDin: DWG. Our immediate goal is to make it into the playoffs.

GEN Ruler: I think that we’re a very good team, so I think we’ll most likely become Spring champions.


AF Rigby: I think that DWG has the highest chances of becoming champions.

AF Bang: I believe that T1, Gen.G, and DWG have the highest chances of winning the split, and among them, I think DWG has the highest chances. For us, I think we’ll at least make it into the playoffs.


T1 Daeny: Of course, it’s DWG. Our goal is 3rd-4th place.

T1 Canna: I also believe DWG are the strongest, and I also predict a 3rd place finish.


KT Hirai: Coming into the tournament, I believe that DWG are the strongest, but T1 and Gen.G also have a shot as well. Our goal is to beat each team one by one, with the mindset of a 10th place team.

KT Ucal: DWG are definitely looking the strongest, and our team’s goal is 3rd-4th place.


LSB Micro: It’s definitely DWG. Our goal right now is to not come in 10th place and make it to the playoffs.

LSB Summit: I agree with Micro. I think that we’ll have no problems reaching the playoffs.


NS sBs: I think that DWG will most likely win the split, and our goal is playoffs.

NS Rich: We’re aiming to make it into the playoffs, gain experience for performing better in the Summer.


BRO Edgar: DWG, T1, and Gen.G will most likely win the split. Rather than having our team’s goals on becoming champions this split, we’ve set our sights on making it into the playoffs.

BRO UmTi: I also believe that DWG will win, and rather than worrying about our place in the standings, our goal is to improve as a team.


HLE Kezman: We want to tackle things one at a time, so we’re planning to tackle smaller goals at a time. I believe that once we make it into the playoffs, the rest of the coaching staff and I can prepare a lot in a Bo5, so our goal right now is to make it to the playoffs. As for who I think will win the split, DWG’s incredibly good.

HLE DuDu: I also think that DWG will win the split. Our goal is 3rd-4th place.

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