KT wins Telecom War over T1 in intense series of the 2021 LCK Spring Split

Every season, the LCK fans look forward to seeing the legacy rivalry opposing T1 and KT Rolster unfold with the Telecom Wars. The last one took place earlier today, in the 2021 LCK Spring Spligt’s second week.

For KT’s jungler Kang “Blank” Sun-gu, this matchup was more than a regular series –it was a battle of pride. “I don’t want to fall to T1,” he said with conviction to the LCK staff.

He was also the first KT player to scream his head off when the team grabbed 2-1 win over T1 after an incredibly intense series. This Telecom War offered everything the League of Legends fans could ask for, including various strategies, clutch plays, exciting teamfights, and some epic fails, too.

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KT lost the first game to T1 due to Gumayusi and Keria’s botlane being enabled to snowball the game, making the botlaner’s Vayne unstoppable. But this loss also allowed them to adapt their strategy.

After unsuccessfully giving all of their resources to the toplaner Doran who previously boasted the highest average percentage of the team’s damage this season, in the first game, they decided to camp the botlane to shut down Gumayusi. They also target-banned his Aphelios in all three games, a champion he’s proved to master.

This change of strategy shifted the dynamic of their next two games. T1 didn’t expect Blank to relentlessly camp the botlane, which led Gumayusi and Keria to engage in two vs. two fights which resulted in them dying and conceding the lead to HyBriD and Zzus.

The resources granted to HyBriD didn’t go to waste. He showed incredible performance on Samira, who he played in all three games, backed by the tanky picks of Zzus.

In addition to keeping a clean positioning at almost all times, he achieved to deal great amounts of damage even after his teammates fell in seemingly lost teamfights, almost turning them around.

He also closed a one vs. one trade against Gumayusi’s Vayne, helped by Ucal’s Twisted Fate ultimate which revealed Vayne even though she used her ultimate. It allowed HyBriD to target Vayne and shut her down using one last auto attack.

He also won the last game’s MVP title, which was closed off thanks to his performance on Samira. He turned the tide of a crucial teamfight and grabbed a triple kill with a well-timed ultimate, which enabled KT to end the game even if T1 had the Baron buff and several teammates to protect the Nexus. On top of those shiny plays, he boasted a flawless 100 percent kill participation rate in this last game.

His performance was also enabled thanks to great synergy with midlaner Ucal, who earned the MVP title in the second game with his Yone. He bullied Clozer’s Orianna all game long and prevented him from landing shockwaves at the right time. He also ended the game without…

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