‘It Really Builds Your Patience’- AOC Discusses How League of Legends Helps Her

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, better known as AOC, recently caught the public eye again, but this time for non-political reasons. She recently started streaming online games, with Among Us and League of Legends o top of her list. While she has been playing the latter for some time now, she is new to Among Us.

AOC streamed a game of Among Us again earlier this week. In her latest stream, she also spoke of her experience playing League of Legends. Starting from the people she plays with to the experiences she has had within the game, AOC had a lot to share.

AOC spoke about her preferences in League of Legends

Speaking of her preferences within the game, AOC mentioned she enjoys playing the role of support. Additionally, she spoke about her favorite champions.

“Sona, Janna, Lux, Morgana, and a couple of others.” 

Alexandria is not new to the game of League of Legends and ranked Silver III in July this year.

AOC says playing League has helped in her political career

During the stream, Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker asked her whether playing League has helped her in her political career. AOC was quick to agree, saying that playing with 12-year-olds has really helped her keep a cool head and stay patient.

She reasons her statement by saying that playing Elo Hell with 12-year-olds entails them rage quitting early on into the game. This has helped her build her patience a lot, which is a necessity in her political career.

Playing Elo Hell comes with its own set of toxicity and rage quitting since players verbally abuse or quit the match mid-game in case they are losing. However, this is not exclusive to the lower tiers of the game, such as the rank in which AOC plays. Players playing in higher tiers of the game show an equal amount of toxicity to one another if and when things are not ging to plan.

Even though she has other more important occupations, it is quite cool to see a popular political figure such as Alexandria Ocasia-Cortez living it up in the gaming sphere.

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