In conversation with International Master Danny Rensch

International Master Daniel (Danny) Rensch is the Chief Chess Officer for He holds numerous records in chess, including one for being the youngest National Master of Arizona State, but has now largely switched to the business side of the game.

Rensch has recorded videos and several other content material for, which is one of the largest chess websites in the world currently.

In this interview, we find out about his journey in chess, how chess is progressing as an esport and his future goals.

1. Can you please introduce yourself?

International Master Danny Rensch, Chief Chess Officer for

2. How did you begin your journey in chess?

I learned to play when my grandpa was unwell one summer to keep him company! The movie Searching for Bobby Fischer came out at the same time and got me hooked on the idea of playing in a chess tournament. The rest was history!

3. When did you decide to make the leap into professional chess and become a titled player?

Around the age of 15, I decided that I wanted to become as good as I could! I made the FM title but I had health issues and that slowed me down. Ultimately, I’m very grateful for my path that became focused on teaching and helping others enjoy the game! I taught in schools, private students, etc., and eventually got involved with!

4. What were some of your favourite/memorable moments from your playing career?

Playing in Russia in the summer of 2002 and earning my first IM norm, winning multiple scholastic chess championships (individual and team) and achieving my IM title are a few.

5. When did you think about switching into the business side of chess? 

As I said, health issues sort of forced my hand and I embraced teaching and running programs. When the internet arrived, I saw the opportunity to start doing bigger things online, and that’s where I’ve been ever since.

6. How has evolved as a site for players? What is your role in it? has grown from a random hope to provide forums and community to a site that boasts more than 9 million chess games played every day. It’s hard to describe beyond that.

My role at has gone from simply creating content to editing and managing others to now guiding the entire “chess ship” of, from our features, product ideas, our biggest events and more. 

7. Can you talk a bit more about the site? What have your personal lessons been like through your journey with

So many lessons to be learned! Just like a chess game: you’re never losing if you’re learning! I’ve personally had to learn patience- to think about even bigger picture chess games than the one on the board. And how managing teams of people is different than managing product. Helping others get the best out of themselves is what I do best now!

8. How has the business side of chess developed over the years?

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