How a professional esports team prevents player injury

Swiping a mouse across a desk doesn’t look quite as dramatic as bicycle kicking a ball into a net, so I don’t watch a professional CS:GO player pull off an impossibly precise flick shot and think, “Woah, I hope their wrist is OK after that one!” Except, that’s not an unreasonable concern. Esports players place a lot of strain on their hands and arms on a daily basis, and injuries are actually pretty common.

It’s certainly a worry for Zach Matula, CEO of the Rainbow Six Siege-focused DarkZero Esports. Talking to me in October, Matula was excited to chat about player health and injuries, topics that he doesn’t believe enough people think about in esports. “I think that most people don’t tend to identify health issues and esports together,” he said. “It’s an area that we certainly have had a lot of focus on at DarkZero. I think it’s very, very important [for the players] to extend their careers and just to extend their happiness.”.

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