Here’s why Riot Games ignoring Christmas in League of Legends this year is bad

It’s worrying that Riot Games has all but ignored Snowdown 2020 in League of Legends this year, and dedicated LoL fans have a right to be nervous about the future of the game after missing the annual Christmas event ⁠— here’s why.

Christmas is nearly here, and while there’s decorations aplenty, and presents under the tree, there’s one thing still missing for League of Legends fans: Snowdown.

It’s been a curious Christmas for Riot’s flagship game. Spinoffs like Legends of Runeterra have enjoyed all the festivities LoL fans have come to expect over the years. Valorant is the same; there’s a “Night Market” and a snowball fight game mode to boot.

In the past, League would have been included too: snow, presents, and events.

This time around, however, Riot has confirmed there were “no plans” to bring Christmas to Summoner’s Rift. If you ⁠had ignored the outside world ⁠— easy to do this year, unfortunately ⁠— you could be forgiven for not even realizing Christmas Day is just hours away.

This is a concerning trend for League of Legends, as more and more in-game events become focused around one thing: ‘battle pass’ purchases and skins.

League's snowy Summoner's Rift is nowhere to be found in 2020.
Riot Games

League’s snowy Summoner’s Rift is nowhere to be found in 2020.

Is Riot too ‘comfortable’ with League of Legends?

The main concern surrounding Riot’s lack of Christmas cheer in League boils down to one simple thing; fans are worried they’ve become too ‘comfortable’ with their flagship title.

League faithful did get a December event, “Battle Queens 2020,” but it was mainly geared around ⁠— you guessed it ⁠— selling skins for popular characters like Diana, Katarina, and the last champion to hit shelves in 2020, armored support Rell.

Similar issues sprung up across the entire year too.

In October, players were expecting a big “Harrowing” event; a spooky Halloween celebration that was first introduced to the game in 2012. Instead, we were handed PsyOps 2020, which handed out 11 new skins, some challenges, and not much else.

There’s no problem with skipping real-life holidays in-game.

When they get replaced with other events that are mainly geared around Prestige skins, K/DA hype trains, and cosmetics though, it becomes a bit tedious… a feeling that’s beginning to reach boiling point in the LoL fandom.

Riot Games

“Battle Queens” has replaced LoL’s usual Christmas celebrations this year.

League players aren’t happy

“World of Tanks called f**king Chuck Norris for their Christmas event, and we’re here with Battle Queens… basically Star Guardians, but more edgy.”

That was just one lashing Riot has copped on the League of Legends subreddit through December this year. LoL players have shown they’re not happy ⁠— though whether that’s put a dent in their spending, we can’t tell ⁠— and that’s continued into…

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