Gotham Knights: Gameplay Reveal Uncovers Interesting Details

DC FanDome has made a lot of fans around the world very happy. Not only did it bring tons of details about their upcoming movies but also showed us the two upcoming games from the DC universe. ‘Gotham Knights’ and ‘Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League’ are the two games that were announced and they look fabulous. The Gotham Knights trailer did show us some interesting details about the game’s story, antagonists and protagonists. Now, we have a gameplay walkthrough that shows us the game’s mechanics, story, and setting.

The walkthrough showcases a mid-game mission where you play as Batgirl in a bid to stop Mr. Freeze from flash-freezing the city. Creative Director Patrick Redding takes us through the gameplay and explains the details about the story, the characters’ abilities, and combat mechanics.

Gotham Knights Gameplay Walkthrough

The opening scene shows Batgirl moving towards her target on her bike. This vehicle has a striking similarity to the bike used in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’.

The clip is set a few hours into the Mr Freeze storyline where he has taken over Elliot Centre in a bid to change the weather. Here’s where Patrick reveals an interesting detail. He says ‘Players can play all of the game either solo or in two-player co-op’. Interestingly, Marvel’s Avengers also has a Co-op mode which makes us wonder if this is the year of superhero co-op games.

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A new combat system introduced?

The game’s combat has also changed. Some of the mechanics still exist from the Arkham Knight game but a lot of it is new. For instance, each enemy now has a level indicator and a health bar above them. Each blow you land on them indicates the damage dealt in numerical terms. Finishing moves now involve getting help from your fellow superhero. In the gameplay, Batgirl enters the building with Red Hood and fights her way through a horde of enemies. At a point, she grabs a henchman, and Red hood steps in to help her subdue him for good. This reminisces the dual hero system we saw in the ‘Spiderman: Friend or Foe’ title.

Then comes the big guy, Mr Freeze. As Patrick mentions “As the player increases in power and ability, their foes keep pace. So confronting Mr Freeze at level 5 and level 15 will be two different propositions’. This would definitely make the game a little more challenging for the players where we will have to choose our strategy wisely.

The gameplay was from a pre-alpha stage but it looked absolutely stunning. Interestingly, this is not a sequel to the Arkham Trilogy. Even though the game is set in a city following the events of the ‘Knightfall Protocol’, it is set in a different universe. WB Games issued a statement to ComicBook saying “Gotham…

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