G2 Esports takes down Suning in one of the best games at this year’s World

G2 Esports took down LPL’s third seed Suning in one of the best games of League of Legends played so far during this year’s World Championship.

At the centerpiece of all the action was Perkz, who kept his team afloat during the entire game with his monstrous Ezreal performance. Even though he had a couple of misplays, mostly due to the pressure involved in in their debut game, he redeemed himself towards the end and helped secured the first win for G2.

This match-up between LEC’s first seed and LPL’s third seed was hyped up in the previous days by the entire community, G2 was seen a bit shaky coming into this tournament after their regular season performance while Suning was seen as one of the most underrated teams which qualified from the LPL.

Both teams put up a huge show with Suning’s Lê “SofM” Quang Duy taking the early lead with his unconventional Lee Sin pick. He built tank items for which he became notorious for in the LPL, including Knight’s Vow and Spirit Vissage making it very hard for G2 to take him down. Suning’s early pressure and dragon control was too much for G2 to handle and as a result they secured the Ocean Dragon Soul quite early.

G2 didn’t give up and traded blows for blows with Perkz acquiring an Executioner’s Calling as soon as Suning secured the Ocean Dragon Soul. This item came to help G2 going forward a lot since Ezreal easily applied the debuff to the entire Suning roster, reducing their healing and ensuring G2 have a chance to win teamfights.

The game culminated at the Elder Dragon, where a long-drawn teamfight was fought really well by both teams. G2 however came out on top and managed to keep themselves in the game after swift movements by Perkz and Caps.

With the Baron, G2 advanced fiercely to Suning’s Nexus but was unable to finish the second tower before getting aced. Suning decided to charge fast through the mid-lane to finish the game, but the respawn timers played into G2’s favor with the entire roster coming back to life as Suning was hammering their Nexus towers. A fast clean-up by G2 and a teleport play into Suning’s base secured their first win of this year’s World Championship.

G2 took down arguably the hardest opponent in their group. With this performance, they can easily take down Team Liquid and Machi Esports to secure the first place in their group. Tune in to see how will G2 fare against Machi tomorrow and Liquid on Tuesday at 3am CT.

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