G2 Esports and League of Legends triumph again at the Game Awards

The The Game Awards gala has had a small pre-show in which they have taken the opportunity to give the first prizes and reveal some game and electronic sports have been the protagonists of this first part when all the prizes were awarded to welcome the gala itself.

The A great winner in the esports aspect has been League of Legends, which has not only won the award for the best electronic sport, but has also had space in some of the other categories, including the best esports event: Worlds. Not surprisingly, Riot Games showed its full potential by hosting a fully in-person event.

Regarding the best player, has been one of League of Legends too. It’s about the South Korean Showmaker, which last October was proclaimed world champion after winning the final played in China and confirming the high level it had shown throughout 2020.

Sjokz, the popular host of the LEC and other Riot Games competitions, has been the winner of the award for best esports host. Although it is closely linked to League of Legends, it has also been frequently doing work for other games for some time.

G2 Esports, which has already triumphed at The Esports Awards, continues to consolidate its good position within esports clubs and has been chosen as the best club. The award is important because it also means that they get it for the second time in a row after winning it in 2020.

By last, David ‘Zonic’ Sorensen, Astralis Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team coach, has been chosen as the best coach of esports, which means that it also repeats title like G2, Sjokz, League of LEgends and Worlds.

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