Fun and Unconventional Baseball Bets Worth A Try

Baseball is both a thrilling yet relaxed enough game that you can enjoy with friends and family. However, the highly competitive nature of baseball also means it has millions of fans worldwide, many of whom like to place wagers on different teams and make some profits on the side from all the games.

Several sports fans in different parts of the world have the benefit of having a number of teams playing across sports locally. For example, Las Vegas’ sports teams play in many professional leagues, and local punters have something to bet on through the year. But if you are loyal to only one sport, baseball, in particular, there are times when no games are in play, locally or even in some of the international venues. For such occasions and also during the MLB World Series, it is worth looking into a few unconventional betting options that are both fun, but equally lucrative.

Players’ Personal Lives

Thanks to all the gossip papers and internet paparazzi news fans have up-to-date information on players even when they are off the field. Betting on their personal lives might seem odd at first, but several sportsbooks release niche odds like that for a sports couple breaking off or getting married. You can also bet on which notoriously troublesome player will end up on the wrong side of the law, or where a particular baseball superstar will spend his vacation this year.

First Pitch

One of the high-points of any baseball game is the first pitch, especially if thrown by a celebrity. Previously, everyone from movie stars to top politicians has had the honour of throwing the first ball, resulting in some truly memorable first pitches. Often these celebrities surprise fans with their baseball skills, while at other times it’s just a funny memory to talk about for days or even years. For a punter though, an unusual wager is to bet on the outcome of the first pitch. Will the celebrity do something different, will it be a strike or a foul ball, anything can happen.   


A more straightforward bet for baseball fans to make is wagering on esports. With buckets full of money coming into esports this past decade, there are several competitions that take place around the world, and bookmakers have started to cover them on a regular basis. While esports might lack the actual thrill of the game, it does make for a viable income source. Moreover, with life-like graphics and sounds in esports, live…

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