Fredy122 talks Rogue’s strength in the LEC’s best-of-one format

With their second and first-place finishes in the 2021 LEC Spring and Summer Splits, Rogue seemed to be barreling down a path towards surefire success at the 2021 League of Legends World Championship before the tournament began. But regular-season success doesn’t always translate into tougher matches.

Rogue took full advantage of the best-of-one format that rules the LEC regular season, ultimately setting themselves up to fail in playoffs. They were unable to exploit their strengths in best-of-ones of out-drafting weaker teams and utilizing picks their opponents aren’t comfortable on, and failed to adapt from game to game. This led to an eventual early elimination at the 2021 World Championship where they faced tougher opponents and couldn’t rely on the go-tos they showed in Europe. In an interview with Dot Esports, Rogue’s head coach fredy122 described what makes best-of-ones such a benefit for the team and why they can’t take that level of play into more difficult games.

“We love best of ones—you just play one game and you’re done for the day,” fredy122 said. “Something that isn’t talked about is that we out-draft weaker teams a lot. There’s a lot of picks that they maybe aren’t playing so you can get big advantages in the draft. So the games are easy to finish out for us.”

This sort of bully style—out-drafting weaker teams and overall stronger play from each player on the roster—goes incorrigible when playing against weaker teams. But when facing rosters like the reigning two-time LEC champions MAD Lions, it falls flat. Rogue can go unpunished by weaker teams, whereas MAD force them to “slow down.” This creates a problem in which the European third seed “wasn’t punished enough,” according to the coach.

Alongside their inability to translate regular season play into playoffs, the team battled another issue. Rogue are exceptionally good at creating early-game leads for themselves but can’t quite keep the momentum going in the mid-game, eventually falling off by the time the late game rolls around. This spawned the infamous “Rogue Time” meme, which mocks their inability to keep their lead intact past the early game. It’s something both the head coach and the team actively worked on since the Summer Split’s end.

“We’ve been working a lot on our concepts in the mid-game and how we actually understand them,” fredy122 said. “Because every scenario you might be in League is different. You need to understand the actual concept of what is happening. And then you can play the game out correctly. We’ve made sure that all of those are very clear in our mind.”

These two issues combined created a lot of distrust from pundits, analysts, and fans alike when it came to their possible performance at this year’s Worlds. Rogue were put in a group that consisted of two of the favorites going into…

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