Fortnite: Pros Receive Backlash From Community

Fortnite battle royale seems to never have an end to the controversies surrounding the game. It seems like a normal, regular thing now. Not just the constant complaints by the pros and streamers, but also accusations of cheating with aimbots. Regardless of the evidence, accusations tarnish a player’s name forever.

Nevertheless, the distinctly visible disparity between pros and the rest of the community is finally being focused on. Usually, we see all the pros and content creators complaining to, and about, Epic Games. This has been the way, too long. However, recently a backlash from the majority of the community brought few other issues to light.

It started off with Bizzle from FaZe giving a somewhat controversial interview. Next, it boiled down to Cented, from Team Liquid, talking about pros using soft aimbot. This further gravitated to a situation where Hypex had to officially address Bizzle on Twitter. This set off a chain of accusations against the pros.

Fortnite pros under pressure from the rest of the community

When it comes to accusations, rumors spread quicker than wildfire, and they do not spare anyone. Shortly after this social media strife, we saw several people claiming evidence against the pros. Apparently, even the Fortnite world champion Bugha cheats. The validity of these claims is rather sketchy. Nevertheless, the community wants Epic to investigate them.

Bizzle complaining about the endgame lag has brought forth a lot of unwanted hate that is dividing the community right now. A lot of shade is being thrown at the pros. However, we have to realize that this is their bread and butter. Of course, endgame lags can be frustrating and quite dissatisfying in competitions. It doesn’t necessarily mean that someone is cheating.

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False accusations of using hacks

In a video, thatdenverguy explains both these issues and more. In the case of Bugha being called a cheat, it seems totally unfounded. For instance, the clips we see of Bugha in the video only vindicates him. Jumping off a launchpad to get the last kill in the last circle storm without any chance to heal off – now that is quality.

His aim is nearly beyond compare, and from the motion of the crosshair, it looks like a wrist-flick. Despite looking seemingly harmless, it is a rather common thing that Bugha does. Thus, the claims of him using soft aimbot crashes down on itself. However, the pros asking Epic to investigate issues sounds a little more severe than just one case of the world champ cheating.

Source: Liquid Cented

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