For Broxah, 2021 comes with sudden changes, an advanced leadership role, and a

When Broxah left Team Liquid for CLG this past offseason, public perception instantly pegged the swap as a downgrade. Leaving a top North American League of Legends team behind in favor of a franchise that failed to finish above ninth place at any point this past season is a move that has the potential to raise countless question marks. 

But for the veteran jungler, his second season in the LCS is set to be marked by what he can do with the fragments of a struggling franchise. The opportunity to bring an organization back from the brink is staring back at him.

In the span of just one season, Broxah’s role has shifted completely. With Liquid, he was the missing piece—the positional upgrade that would ensure regional dominance for years to come. Now, on CLG, he’s being tasked with the responsibility of serving as a central anchor for a complete rebound. 

Stranger in a strange land

After jump-starting his career with Fnatic in 2017, Broxah spent three years with the organization, winning two LEC titles along the way. But once the team started to dissolve following the departure of its star mid laner Caps, Broxah was the next domino to fall. Fnatic’s supposed franchise jungler found himself coming to North America ahead of the 2020 season, joining an already dominant Liquid roster. 

But a match seemingly made in roster-building heaven just wasn’t meant to be. “My first year in NA was really difficult for me,” Broxah told Dot Esports. “When I arrived in Los Angeles during the Spring Split, everything had already collapsed. It was a bit of a disaster to begin with and at that moment, I was a bit out of it. I hadn’t been in a situation like that before.”

After leaving a cushy position with Fnatic—a team that was just over a year removed from a Worlds finals appearance—Broxah had seemingly boarded a sinking ship in Liquid. He was a part of a winning core on a European squad with an already proven résumé and a ceiling that could have gone even higher had the roster not broken up. Soon after, Broxah found himself in the thick of a North American season that he personally described as “brutal and difficult in a lot of ways.”

Photo via Riot Games

In many facets, Broxah’s experiences with Liquid heavily influenced his reason for joining CLG. In what appeared to be a mutual parting of ways—judging by the “moments where [TL and Broxah] couldn’t agree on how to approach certain situations,” according to the jungler—the two parties found themselves drifting in different directions.

Now, Broxah is set to make his debut for what will be his third team in as many seasons. For someone who used to be viewed as a key part of a supposedly rock-solid Fnatic roster, Broxah is quickly gaining “journeyman” status. Still, he’s intrigued by the prospect of having another fresh start. “I want to really go back to my…

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