Five questions for Overwatch League Week 27

Week 27 of the Overwatch League gets underway this weekend and could be a harbinger of what’s to come in the league’s postseason.

With the Countdown Cup coming up, our staff took a look at the favorites in each region and the teams most likely to pull off some upsets and made their choice of who will take home the OWL championship later this year.

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Which team could play spoiler in North America?

Arda Ocal: The Toronto Defiant, because Toronto is the greatest city in the history of the universe. Thank you for attending my TED talk.

Emily Rand: With Genji still on the table for Countdown Cup, I think we’re looking toward a lot of the same teams that did well in Summer Showdown, namely the Paris Eternal and Philadelphia Fusion. The San Francisco Shock have continued to look formidable in July, so this to me is less about who could play spoiler and more about the fact that we have three legitimately strong contenders for this title, as opposed to our thoughts going into Summer Showdown when we (more specifically, I) considered the Shock to still be heavy favorites.

Outside of these three teams, I think the Florida Mayhem are an obvious pick. Toronto is also an interesting one, not for the reasons that Arda mentions but for Brady “Agilities” Girardi’s recent Genji performances.

Tyler Erzberger: Although I wouldn’t bet against any of the top four teams, I’ll go out on a limb and stick up for the Los Angeles Gladiators. They didn’t have the best month of play, going just 1-3 in their qualifying matches, but they had one of the toughest schedules, playing against Florida, Paris and Philadelphia with their lone win being a sweep of the pesky Vancouver (Junior Varsity) Titans. They narrowly lost to the Fusion and didn’t look completely lost in their other two defeats, so per usual with the Gladiators, I think they can play that dark horse role and win a round or two before getting bopped in the semifinals.

Jacob Wolf: I’m looking at the Fusion, too. As my colleagues mentioned, they had a good Summer Showdown, and earlier in the year they were one of the best teams in North America. I still think they’re capable of that level of play. I won’t give them great odds, but if I had to put some money on some upsets, it’d be on them.

Which team could play spoiler in Asia?

Ocal: Either the New York Excelsior or Guangzhou Charge could give the Shanghai Dragons a tough time, but I do believe Shanghai make it to the final and get a little Summer Showdown revenge on Guangzhou in the process. Maybe we get another “anything can happen” final on the other side of the bracket, with a Shanghai upset by the Seoul Dynasty, who are looking for revenge after the incredible May Melee final.

Rand: I want to say it’s the…

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