Esports streaming numbers continue to thrive in Q3 according to latest report

After the massive increase in Q2 due to COVID-19, streaming hours continue to thrive in Q3

Twitch remains the most popular streaming outlet despite increased competition from YouTube Gaming and Facebook Gaming

Stream Hatchet co-founder Eduard Montserrat nominated for Digital Executive of the Year in 2020 Tempest Esports Business Awards

TORONTO, Oct. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Engine Media’s (TSX-V: GAME;OTCQB: MLLLF) gaming live streaming data analytics and analysis experts Stream Hatchet have revealed the latest industry trends in its 2020/Q3 report – showcasing the continued growth of the esports streaming market.


Stream Hatchet measures gaming live streaming data across all platforms and provides valuable data insight for esports teams, gaming studios, and major brands invested in gaming.

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic earlier this year caused esports streaming numbers to skyrocket in Q2 – reaching 600 million hours watched per week for the first time (a 98 percent improvement compared to last year).

Despite the return of traditional sports programming (including football, baseball, basketball and motorsport) on both television and streaming channels, interest in esports streaming has remained high and continued to earn numbers well above 500 million watched hours per week.

This compares to 2019 which enjoyed steady growth, but averaged 291 million watched hours per week.

Other highlights of the Stream Hatchet Q3 report include:

  • Despite suffering a loss of 375 million watched hours per week in Q3 compared to Q2, Twitch remains the “top dog” in esports streaming with a total of 4.7 billion hours (compared to 5.1 billion last quarter).
  • YouTube Gaming and Facebook Gaming continue to grow with Facebook Gaming set for a 200 percent increase (YoY) compared to last year.
  • League of Legends remains the most watched game in esports streaming with 543.2 million hours watched in Q3 compared to Fortnite with 426.2 million.
  • Stream Hatchet has identified the top esports streamers for Q3 and also investigated the popularity of key celebrity streamers who changed platforms last quarter including DrDisrespect, Ninja and Shroud.
  • Popular party game Fall Guys enjoyed massive success in Q3 with live streaming but was quickly overtaken by Among Us in the past three months.

“The latest report from Stream Hatchet again highlights the massive increase enjoyed by esports during the shutdown earlier this year. But rather than it being a blip on the radar, esports streaming has continued to enjoy massive popularity even with the return of regular sports programming,” Engine Media’s co-CEO, Darren Cox said.

“The numbers remain massively up compared to last year and we believe many new viewers started watching gaming…

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