Esports Sportsbook Rivalry Partners With CoinCorner to Launch Cryptocurrency

Rivalry, a betting firm licensed in the Isle of Man, is working towards integrating user preferences and now has partnered with CoinCorner to feature the Bitcoin payment option. The current pandemic has, in a variety of ways, accelerated formerly slow-burning technological changes in consumer preferences and behavior, the most notable of which is the rise of Esports wagering.

While some operators were caught unawares and forced to scramble for urgent and overnight changes, a few firms, like Rivalry, were already poised to exploit the current pandemic. Like cryptocurrency, esports has proven that it is everything else but a craze.

Rivalry, a forward-thinking entity, and many others believe that esports is giving firms a glimpse into what the future holds. The average esports bettor is in the twenties – a group that is not new to Bitcoin, less familiar with the terminology, and betting mechanics. This presents new opportunities for gambling companies to reimage and reshape user experience.

CoinCorner, a UK Bitcoin Exchange firm, has had to adjust its business model to accommodate the increasing demand for online payment and banking methods. They are now very keen to introduce Bitcoin payments to gain a competitive advantage on the market. The firm plans to open up new markets offer cheaper fees without chargebacks.

While everyone else is worried about the staying power of the esports sector, forward-thinking firms like Rivalry are taking on change with open arms and revolutionizing user experiences to meet their changing needs.


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