Esports & iGaming: Q&A with Grant Johnson, Esports Entertainment Group

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Following its recent USD$8.4m (£6.7m) uplisting to the Nasdaq Capital Market, Esports Entertainment Group CEO Grant Johnson (pictured below) speaks with TheGamingEconomy to discuss the public offering and the role of online gambling (iGaming) within esports as audiences continue to grow at record rates.

What was the rationale behind the selection of the Nasdaq Capital Market as the stock exchange of choice for the firm’s listing?

First off I need to say it is a privilege to be accepted to the NASDAQ and we are certainly grateful to our attorneys and underwriters that helped us in our listing.

As for the decision on which exchange, initially we had believed we would have a better chance in Toronto or the UK. We knew that in order to execute on our goal of a two-pronged approach to growth, traditional/organic and M&A, we would require access to capital. After many months of meetings with UK, Canada and NYC based firms I had a meeting with the team at JGunnar. It was then that they believed in my vision that the NASDAQ was determined to be the best exchange for us given what we wanted to achieve, provided of course we could get accepted.

We knew it was going to take a tremendous effort and clearly we are very pleased with the result. I am very excited that we can now turn all of our attention to growing our business.

Was the timing of the uplisting brought forward in response to the increased attention on esports as a result of coronavirus-driven suspension to traditional sporting activities? How will Esports Entertainment Group promote the industry in order to retain some of this momentum?

Grant Johnson

Grant Johnson, CEO, Esports Entertainment Group

As for the timing, in fact, we had intended to list several weeks earlier had the Covid-19 pandemic not caused such an upheaval in the capital markets.

There is no question that the suspension of traditional sports, combined with people being forced to stay indoors, has had a significant impact on increased awareness of esports. Esports will continue to enjoy the status of enhanced awareness as people look for ways to be entertained and also to connect with others. Esports is satisfying both the need for entertainment as well as a great way to socialise while we are in a lockdown environment.

I believe we have all experienced increased attention, traffic levels are up across all platforms and titles. We believe that many of these new participants will remain as long term fans even after we see the return of traditional sports. It’s my belief that the titles that are representative of traditional sports will likely see the most significant increase and retention.

As for what will we do to continue to promote the industry? The answer is everything we possibly can. With our newly attained NASDAQ status and access to mainstream financial news outlets we intend to raise…

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