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3 “Strong Buy” Stocks That Tick all the Boxes

It’s been said that gridlock is a feature, not a bug, of the US Constitution, and we may be about to find that out. The election results have left some questions to be resolved, but a few things are coming clear: Democrat Joe Biden is the winner of the Presidential race, but down ballot, the Republicans appear to have made important gains. We’re looking at the prospect of divided government – a Biden Administration with a Republican Senate and a Democratic House with a stronger minority. According to JPMorgan strategist Marko Kolanovic, this may be the best possible outcome.“A GOP senate majority should ensure that Trump’s pro-business policies stay intact, and if Biden is confirmed we should be able to expect an easing of the trade war, which should boost global trade and corporate earnings growth,” Kolanovic noted.With investor fears allayed – that the Democrats would roll back Trump-era tax policy or focus on aggressive bureaucratic regulation – Kolanovic believes the markets are primed for gains.However, finding the right stock to buy is always a challenge, even in a bullish environment, but TipRanks offers investors the range of metrics necessary to sort through the raw data of the markets and bring those nuggets to light. These include the analyst consensus rating, the upside potential, and the Smart Score; each gives a data point for investors, and taken together, when they all align, they’ll make a powerful signal.The analyst consensus is just that – an average derived from full range of analyst ratings. The upside potential comes from the stock’s collected price targets; it’s a mathematical average that suggests the stock’s possible growth on a one-year time horizon. And the Smart Score uses known predictive factors of market success to give stocks a score that points toward forward performance. With this in mind, we used the TipRanks database to pinpoint three stocks that check all three of these boxes. Pacific Ethanol (PEIX)We’ll start with a diversified company, with production lines in food products and animal feeds as well as industrial alcohols and renewable fuels. Pacific Ethanol sells its products on the global market, and has seen major gains in 2Q20. Even with recent losses in account, the stock is up a whopping 795% this year.The gains have come since July, as the company expanded production in response to demand for sanitizing alcohols. Sales of alcohol for hand sanitizers has been a major boost for the Pacific Ethanol in the wake of the coronavirus crisis. Taking new production and sales potential into account, the company has revised 2020 earnings estimates upward to the $66 million to $86 million range.So far, the company is on track. Like many small-cap manufacturers, Pacific Ethanol was running earnings deficits prior to this year –…

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