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3 Big Dividend Stocks Yielding Over 7%; Compass Point Says ‘Buy’

President Trump’s announcement that he has tested positive for the corona virus has grabbed headlines, but the dog that didn’t bark presents a more interesting point. Wall Street isn’t so worried about corona virus anymore; the perception is, that the virus will fade away or a vaccine will be developed, but in either case, the economy will improve.According to an RBC survey of portfolio managers, however, the coming November election presents a clear risk to the markets. A large majority of investors surveyed, 76%, worry that the election will be contested, resulting in weeks – possibly months – on uncertainty. And uncertainty is bad for the markets.Recent events, and some not-to-distant history, bear them out. For the history, we must only look back to 2000, when it took until December 12, and an appeal to the Supreme Court, to decide the results of the Florida recount. The S&P 500 slipped 5% during those weeks – and that was uncertainty caused by one state, recounting a limited number of votes. The point here is not that this election will be fraudulent or illegitimate. Rather, like Caesar’s wife, the election should be above the perception of impropriety – and this year, that bar may be too high. And then the challenges will begin. In the RBC survey, 83% of portfolio managers believed that such challenges, contesting the election results (from either direction) would be a net negative for the stock market. And only a small minority, 14%, believe that the final results will be known when the polls close on Election Day, November 3.And this is what brings us to dividend stocks today. When investors get nervous, they go looking for a way to protect their portfolios – and dividends, making the promise of a steady income stream, may be just the answer skittish shareholders are looking for.Analysts from research firm Compass Point agree. They have picked three stocks whose dividends are yielding 7% or more. We’ve pulled up the TipRanks data to find out what else makes these compelling buys in turbulent times.Saratoga Investment Corporation (SAR)We’ll start with Saratoga Investment Corporation, a mid-market investment management company that specializes in debt, appreciation, and equity investments. Saratoga has over $480 million in assets under management, and its portfolio includes home security, industry, software, and waste disposal. The variety, and the stocks chosen, are designed to give the company a resilient income stream.That doesn’t mean that Saratoga has been able to dodge the corona bullet. The company saw revenues turn negative in Q2, and has seen EPS slip from 61 cents in the first quarter to 51 cents in the second. As a result, Saratoga announced that it was deferring its fiscal Q4 dividend, as a cash-saving measure during the pandemic…

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