Esports Awards 2020 – Team Secret named Esports Team of the Year

Team Secret’s Dota 2 squad bags Esports Awards 2020’s Esports Team of the Year award.

Esports Awards 2020 gave Team Secret this prestigious award in recognition of their dominance in the European scene. Beginning March this year, Team Secret won eight major titles in a row and posted an unprecedented 150-game record at 122-28. This record is the best not only in Dota 2, but in all esports titles. Over the team’s last 195 games, they’ve won 160 of them. To put this into perspective, the closest team to their current standing is Fnatic at 145 at 197 games.

Apart from becoming the Esports Team of the Year, the team also received individual awards. Team Secret’s midlaner Michał “Nisha” Jankowski won the Esports Player of the Year, while the team’s coach Lee “Heen” Seung Gon won Esports Coach of the Year.

Meanwhile, G2 Esports bagged the Organization of the Year award for their performance across multiple titles. Their League of Legends team finished 3rd-4th in the latest World Championship, while their Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team is on its own winning streak recently, although not as impressive as Team Secret’s.

In terms of esports titles, League of Legends bagged the Esports Game of the Year title. League of Legends publisher Riot Games meanwhile won Publisher of the Year.

Stiff Competition

This isn’t the only awards race that G2 Esports and Team Secret are fighting over this year. The two teams’ performance got them nominated to The Game Awards 2020’s Esports Team of the Year award. For this award, they’re competing against DAMWON Gaming, Call of Duty’s Dallas Empire, and Overwatch League’s San Francisco Shock. Interestingly, neither Heen nor Nisha was not nominated for any individual award.


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