Enthusiast Gaming : Corporate Update – Transformational Acquisition in Q3 to

The largest gaming platform in North America with pro forma annual revenue of over $110 Million

Enthusiast Gaming is pleased to provide shareholders and key stakeholders another update on our business and the developments over the past few months. We are committed to providing consistent communication and transparency to our new and existing shareholders and we realize it is important for the Company to continue conveying the mission, business strategy and growth plans to our community and investors.

Transformational Acquisition of Omnia Media With Over $110 Million Annual Revenue

In late August, Enthusiast Gaming completed the transformational acquisition of LA-based, Omnia Media, the largest network of video-game focused YouTube channels in the world. Omnia Media is home to over 1,000 YouTube channels, generated more than 3 billion views of content monthly. It is home to some of the most influential gaming personalities and content creators, like Pokimane, The Sidemen and Flamingo. Omnia also creates its own content, producing more than 30 weekly shows on channels like BCC Gaming, the largest You Tube channel dedicated to Fortnite, and Arcade Cloud and Wisecrack. This content is also distributed on other platforms like Snapchat and OTT (over-the-top) smart TV platforms like Samsung and Roku. As a result of this acquisition, Enthusiast Gaming is now the largest gaming media platform in North America and the UK with a combined: 100 gaming media and news websites, 1,000 gaming YouTube Channels, 500 gaming and esports celebrities, influencers and content creators, 7 professional teams, and over 30 gaming events globally, including the upcoming EGLX and Pocket Gamer Connects Digital events in November. Enthusiast now reaches over 300 million gamers monthly who generate over 4 billion views of content per month.

This transaction catapulted Enthusiast’s revenue with the combined entity generating $110 million in pro forma revenue in 2019. The acquisition hit on all of our core growth drivers, including:

Synergies to Enthusiast Gaming’s Core Growth Drivers

  • Own More Viewers -adds 3.2 billion monthly views, 90 million unique monthly visitors and 1,000 YouTube channels
  • Create More Content -produces ~ 30 gaming shows per week and is a content engine to fuel increased engagement of gaming communities via a fully built out production team in Los Angeles
  • Sell More Ads and Subscriptions -premium inventory increases direct sales and margin accretion. This in turn drives influencers and blue-chip sponsors with increase in subscription formats and concepts
  • Develop New Revenue Streams – increases owned and operated content, network of over 500 gaming influencers and talent management services,…

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