Eleven Sports Rebranding to Support Women’s and Esports Content

Jason Parker
in General | Aug, 4th 2020

Eleven Sports launched back in 2015, with the notion that there was a market for a new type of sports platform. However, the world has changed, and it sounds like Eleven is going to change with it. Eleven is embracing esports and women’s content in this rebrand, in what can only be called “Eleven 2.0”. They say that it is “by the fans, for the fans”, but only time will tell if that’s really true. 

For now, Eleven Sports’ focal point is the European markets of Belgium, Portugal and Italy, but additional territories will be coming in 2021. Perhaps America will become a part of this movement! Europe’s made quite a few moves in the broadcasting of esports over the last few years, after all.

Should we start calling them Eleven Esports instead of Eleven Sports, thanks to this rebrand? Sadly no. Eleven Esports is another arm in the Eleven Sports content producing machine. Eleven Sports will have three new content platforms, to put a focus on women’s sports, esports, and local competitions of a variety of styles. Esports is hot in Europe, as well as the rest of the world. But there are some games where Europe simply dominates, like CSGO for example. The European players may not dominate League of Legends, but they’ve gone farther than NA has, that’s for sure.

Eleven Sports will remain the flagship brand in this new content creation system, and will be the “cornerstone of Elevens’ long-term strategy”. Frankly, we’re just glad to see more people adopting esports as a viable means of entertainment/content production. 

Luis Vicente, CEO of Eleven Sports spoke about the rebrand and the addition of esports:

“We are now the guardians of this amazing legacy and our Eleven 2.0 approach will build on the fantastic work that’s already been done.

“We are convinced about the massive untapped potential in the new brand verticals we’ve announced and we are excited about the opportunities we can deliver for more sports, athletes and fans around the world, in a true spirit of co-creation and joint venture.

“More than ever, we are building the most varied, most dynamic content offering possible and a destination to serve all fans with the content they want, at the time they want and wherever they are. More than ever, we stand by the fans and for the fans”

It’s important for sports outlets to see esports as a valid form of competition to see it grow. Sure, there’s more than that that needs to be done, but it’s a step in the right direction. If they are truly “for the fans”, let’s see more esports content! We’re glad to see more women’s sports content for sure, but our focus is always going to be esports content. 

Perhaps it’s the COVID-19 lockdown that inspired this. Eleven Esports has already streamed over 200 esports events for fans during this crisis,…

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