DrDisrespect called out for comment on mobile gamers, challenged to COD 1v1 by

This week, DrDisrespect attracted trouble on Twitter after making some comments about mobile gamers. A streamer and an internet personality, his tweet was not appreciated by the gaming community, who calling him out for his offensive remarks. While many fans hit back at the 38-year-old, he was challenged to games by some gamers, daring him to play with them and then comment on the situation. 

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DrDisrespect COD comment angers fans, gamers

This week, DrDisrespect chose to insult some mobile gamers, claiming that mobile gaming is not a serious thing. He compared everything to his PC setup, which was immediately called out by his followers and some mobile gamers as well. Ferg, a COD player, challenged the older streamer, adding that he would play from his mobile. 

His invitation was not accepted or denied. He tweeted a follow-up tweet later on, which was a screenshot of a stream, where people were urging DrDisrespect to accept the invitation. Later, the comments were changed to Members Only. 

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Fans react to DrDisrespect Twitter comments

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DrDisrespect Twitch ban 

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