Dr Disrespect to play PUBG with Scout OP on Friday » TalkEsport

Dr. Disrespect, the world-famous streamer and entertainer promised that he will play PUBG on upcoming Friday, 21st August 2020, with PUBG Mobile professional player and streamer from India named Scout.

Dr. Disrespect is one of the biggest streamers on the planet. His recent comeback on YouTube after a mysterious ban from Twitch made him such a peculiar person right now. He signed a long-term contract with twitch and then got banned after a while. He was out of the picture for a while but with a huge comeback, he kept a 24-hour waiting screen which had thousands of views and managed to pull 500,000 concurrent viewers when he came onscreen.

Such a big name is collaborating with yet another man who is reaching similar levels in terms of content and viewership, its none other than one of the biggest gaming YouTuber and PUBG Mobile professional player Tanmay “Sc0utOP” Singh. Sc0ut is a familiar name to many in India and becoming a worldwide name right now.

Dr. Disrespect will team up with Scout this Friday and they will play PUBG together. This is one of the biggest feat for Scout and Indian Gaming community as a while. Scout does not lack numbers as he has a huge fan following in India. He also brought in 358,000 people watching him open some fancy crates for a single gun skin from PUBG Mobile. Such numbers speak for the presence these men have in the streaming world.

India is rising in esports and streaming world, mainly gaming as a whole. Another streamer named Mortal recently got nominated for “best streamer of the year” category of Esports Awards 2020. This award was handed over to Dr. Disrespect in 2019. Dr. Disrespect coming together with Sc0ut will bring in champions club to share their seats with Indian champs to watch this epic collaboration of world-class streamers.

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