Disguised Toast to take extended break from content creation

Screengrab via Disguised Toast

Popular content creator Disguised Toast has been on a grind when it comes to content creation over the last several months, both with his streams and YouTube content. But as everyone begins to set their 2021 content schedules, Toast has decided to take a step back for a bit. 

Just a day after uploading his 10,000 IQ Among Us special, Toast announced he would be taking a break from actively creating content. 

This comes as the creator is heading back to Canada to visit family and take care of his father for an undisclosed period of time. Toast has frequently made trips like this in the past, so long-time fans shouldn’t be too surprised by this announcement. 

This doesn’t mean that there won’t be anything coming out of the top Facebook Gaming streamer, however. He did also confirm he will continue streaming to fulfill his contractual obligations while away. 

Since Among Us started blowing up last year, Toast has uploaded daily videos to his YouTube channel, sometimes even posting twice a day. And if he continues to let his editors and animators work on content in his absence, there shouldn’t be a lapse in YouTube content either.

Dozens of content creators that he collaborates with frequently and outside of his usual circle have been wishing him and his family well since his announcement. There is no clear timetable for when Toast will return to his usual content schedule.

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