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At the end of a very difficult year I find myself reflecting on how fortunate we are that the sports leagues successfully pushed through extreme circumstances. Nine short months ago the NBA and NCAA suspended play abruptly. Six short months ago there was legit concern there would be no MLB or NFL season. Remarkably, here we are today about to close out an NFL regular season without a single game canceled.

The RG team and community showed incredible resilience throughout 2020 as well. The applications team worked around the clock to add eSports to LineupHQ as new games popped up in the DraftKings lobby. The Projections team woke up well before dawn to edit KBO projections. The community grinded new game types like Australian Rules Football and rallied for poker tourneys to help pass the long nights of no prime time sports.

We now see the light at the end of the tunnel and we’re ready to come out stronger than before. We’re up to over 335,000 RotoGrinders members, with over 12,000 in Discord. We’re committed to having the best tools, content, and team in the industry and we’re improving our product every day. We’re honored to have such a loyal and devoted group of people.

THANK YOU for being a part of RG. Stay safe, and here’s to an incredible 2021!

Cal Spears

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In this week’s edition:

  • 2020 in Review
  • New NBA GPP Live Blog
  • 4th Tiebreaker Decides DK Pick’Em $1M Winner
  • Quick Hitters
  • Schmitto’s Sharp Money

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2020 hasn’t been all bad! Here are some amazing RotoGrinders community stats from the past year. Huge thanks to all the employees, members and subscribers who have contributed to these numbers! More info HERE


Our guy Erik Beimfohr just kicked off a new article series called 4 Factors! Erik will break down NBA slates by Projection, Ownership, Correlation and Optionality. He’ll then provide real-time updates as news breaks, explaining how each item affects GPP lineups.

Really excited for this piece, should be super beneficial. Here’s the first edition for reference. The article will run Monday-Friday and is available to premium subscribers.


DraftKings $2 Million NFL Pick’em Contest Decided By COVID-19 Postponement, Fourth Tie-Breaker – By Brett Smiley for USBets

“After the Bills’ cover moved VegasValkys even with the other two at 47/70 (67.1%) against the spread, the $1M turned on the fourth tie-breaker. To set the stage:


If there is a tie for 1st place, the entry with most correct…

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