Cyberpunk 2077 Music Guide: All the big radio stations, artists, and more

Music is a huge part of Cyberpunk 2077, working together with the impactful writing and dystopian aesthetic of Night City to create a world that feels truly lived in. 

But like many other open-world experiences, the quality and scope of this music will determine how long players will find themselves lost in such an ambitious experience. 

Now, we can reveal all of the rocking radio stations alongside some of the biggest artists set to debut in Night City with Cyberpunk 2077. Like many other juggernauts in the genre, CD Projekt Red’s new outing will host a bunch of different musical stylings, stations and more. 

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Cyberpunk 2077 Music Guide – All of the confirmed radio stations and biggest artists

You’ll be able to tune into a wide assortment of different radio stations and disc jockeys during your journey across Night City, and we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of them below. 

  • 107.3 Morro Rock Radio – A station which focuses primarily on older audiences who love some 20th century rock music. Notable artists include Refused, Rat Boy, Aligns and Metz. 
  • 89.3 Radio Vexelstrom – Industrial rock, EDM and plenty of distorted guitars call this station home, with names such as Deafkids filling up the esteemed setlist. 
  • 92.9 Night FM – If you’re a sucker for futuristic beats that perfectly match the atmosphere and tone of Night City, this is the perfect station to tune into. 
  • 101.0 The Dirge – Focusing primarily on hip-hop, this station features everything from indie breakout artists to mainstream rap superstars, all of which are dictated by a stylish MC. 
  • 98.7 Body Heat Radio – Postmodern pop with a J-Pop and K-Pop influence from both past and present. Expect artists like Grimes, Let’s Eat Grandma and Gazelle Twin on this frequency. 
  • Samizdat Radio – Not intended for the average listener, this is a station which caters to exclusive clubs, young celebrities and all of the coolest kids who call Night City their home. 
  • 103.5 Radio Pebkac – Industrial techno with a focus on dissonance, distortion and heavy-pounding kicks frequent this station, providing a strange alternative to the mainstream beats of 2077. 
  • 91.9 Royal Blue Radio – Jazz is the new classical music in 2077, and this station has the very best such a genre has to offer. Expect classics from the 1960s and 1970s alongside a few other surprises with artists such as Miles Davis and John Coltrane. 
  • 89.3 Pacific Dreams – Laidback and chill, we needn’t say more. 
  • 106.9 30 Principales – A station which hopes to redefine latino music and its place in Night City. Reggaeton and Latin hip-hop are just a few genres you can expect to hear on this one. 
  • 96.1 Ritual FM – Black and…

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