CSGO Rewind 2020

2020 was nothing less than a roller-coaster ride for the Counter Strike Global Offensive fans. Add a lot of drama, blend it with ESIC bans, sprinkle a lot of transfer money, and you have the 2020 CSGO esports scene in a nutshell.

In simpler words, a lot happened. Here’s your ultimate CSGO rundown for the year 2020, in case something escaped your eye. 

Dignitas re-enters the CSGO arena 

The year 2020 began with Dignitas’ heroic entry into the CSGO arena by signing a roster that has made several highlights over the years. The esports organization transitioned into a giant by enlisting the likes of Adam “friberg” Friberg, Richard “Xizt” Landstrom, Christopher “GeT_RiGhT” Alesund, Patrik “f0rest” Lindberg on its payroll.


The quadruple that is still cherished for its unforgettable performance in ESL Cologne 2014 in Ninjas in Pyjamas’ jersey, joined the legendary coach Robin “Fifflaren” Johansson in Dignitas. This was an extraordinary moment for CSGO fans as the legendary team will finally grace the tournaments after a long run of seven years in NiP. 

Summit1g wins the title of “Worst Play of the Decade” 

The famous streamer Jaryd “summit1g” Lazar won the unofficial title for the “worst play of the decade” in a Twitter poll by ESL production staff member Don Constantin for all the right reasons. It’s not every day you see a player lose a round, and eventually a tournament by dying from his own incendiary grenade. 

Summit1g may not have a rip-roaring history in CSGO as a professional player, but he managed to leave a legacy for the players, now known as 1G. His infamous clutch fail against Splyce esports in DreamHack Austin 2016 still haunts the CSGO map Train. Summit may have stepped away from his professional career, but 1G continues to carry on his legacy. 

Ban on LAN amid the Global pandemic

The defining event in 2020 was most certainly COVID-19 and its ramifications. The world went online, and so did the CSGO tournaments. The hustle-bustle of glamorous tournaments was muted out amid the travel restrictions due to global health concerns. 

The impacts of COVID-19 started to emerge when the Polish government prohibited the on-site attendance in the IEM season XIV Katowice world championship. This was a historic event for CSGO fans as IEM Katowice was one of the most anticipated events in 2020. Things went downhill from there as a significant boost in COVID-19 cases was discovered, resulting in more tournaments’ cancellations.   

The transition to online format was initiated in April by ESL when Pro League season 11’s LAN finals were canceled. All the teams competed from the comfort of their gaming chairs, without any audience whatsoever. Other tournaments that went online included ESL One Cologne, Dreamhack, Flashpoint Season 2, and BLAST…

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