Cloud9 and G2 Esports reportedly have a verbal agreement to transfer ‘Perkz’

This week started with one of the most impressive rumors about roster movements and player exchanges that we have had in a while. Apparently, G2 Esports and Luka ‘Perkz‘ Perkovic were actively engaging several teams in order to sell the player who, according to sources, wants to go back to the mid lane, and his desired destination could be Cloud9 in the North American LCS.

The announcement of this possibility, published by the renowned Esports Journalist Jacob Wolf, shook the community. Not only because G2 Esports could part ways with its eternal Captain, but also because the deal could be involving a 5 million dollar purchase.

But the bombs didn’t stop there. The journalist has now revealed that, according to his sources, Perkz and Cloud9 have reached an agreement!

As you can read in the tweet above, the deal cannot be finalized in writing until next Monday, when the official Free Agency period begins, but both parts seem to have come to terms today.

With this movement, Perkz would leave the European competition for the first time ever, to join his former teammate Zven, and to go back to the mid lane. Plus, it means that Nisqy will no longer continue with Cloud9, as rumors were saying.

We still have no official information about the transfer, but both the team and the player keep “playing” on their Twitter profiles with the situation:

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