Call of Duty Mobile Season 13: Top 5 Weapons For Battle Royale

Call of Duty Mobile Season 13 has changed a lot in the multiplayer mode of the game. However, with the meta changing in multiplayer, Battle Royale is not that far away. For a long time, players have used the same guns in Battle Royale.

The reason players have stuck to the same weapons for BR is the slow addition of weapons in the mode. Nonetheless, CoDM has finally picked up the pace and added more weapons to ‘Isolated’. This season the BK57, QXR, and Razorback are the new weapons in BR.

CoDM has removed the HG-40 from the game’s BR loot. But the RUS-79u and the PDW-57 are still among the top SMG choices for Battle Royale.

Last season saw the direct abuse of the Akimbo-Fennecs. Most of the players were using this weapon for easy kills, as it requires no skill. Even Battle Royale was not exempt from the Akimbo’s wrath.

Therefore, this season saw an overall SMG nerf in the game. While the Fennecs were heavily nerfed, other SMGs were affected too. This led to an AR meta taking over this season. Naturally the multiplayer in now riddled with ASM-10s and DR-Hs.

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Top 5 weapons to use this season in Call of Duty BR

In Battle Royale, the gameplay is a lot more multi-dimensional than multiplayer. Here players have to encounter long range gunfights on dynamic terrain, while being ready to switch to a close range fight any moment. It also involves fights in vehicles, aerial movement, and even underwater.

The choice of weapon in this case has to be very particular, as winning a few 1v1 gunfights will not win you the match. Below is our list of the top 5 weapons to try out in BR this season. All the weapons mentioned are available from ground loot in the game.

  1. AK-47- This weapon is still the most versatile option in BR. Lethal at all kinds of ranges, and the recoil is practically not present. If anybody takes an AK-47 with the right build from a loadout, dropping a 20 bomb is child’s play.
  2. RUS-79U– An epic RUS from the ground will save your day like no other gun when it comes to close range gunfights. Equip the Extend Mod for best results.
  3. Echo– This shotgun, like most others, does not ADS inside BR. This also makes it a broken choice of weapon, as it takes no skill to spam the Echo and win any gunfight up close. Next time enemies are camping in the Cellhouse staircase, you know what to use.
  4. Fennec-They nerfed everything but not the fire-rate. The Fennec still boasts the fastest time-to-kill an enemy with level 3 armor. No reason to not use it.
  5. ASM-10- The best gun in multiplayer this season is also the go to weapon for BR. It has a headshot accuracy, like no other weapon in the game. The low ADS speed is countered by the damage and accuracy of the weapon.

Let us know if these recommendations worked out for you.

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