Call Of Duty League: 5 MVP Nominations 2020

The Call Of Duty League‘s inaugural season is coming to an end. Only the Playoffs and the Championship event remain now. The Call Of Duty League 2020 MVP nominations are out. There will be a regular-season MVP whose name will be announced during the Playoffs. In addition to that, there will also be another post-season MVP announced after the final Championship event.

Here are the nominations:


The former Halo World Champion is currently playing his debut season of professional Call of Duty. The 18-year-old did not have an impressive start at first, coming out with a 0.70 K/D in the launch event. He was quickly nicknamed ‘Botzzy’ by angry Dallas Empire fans who questioned the young signing. It did not take Shotzzy long to prove them wrong. Dropping 30+ kills in most respawn matches in spite of having the highest hill time and average flag captures.

Shotzzy proved to be instrumental in Dallas’s success. He is a player who can procure kills even while playing the objective straight on. His highest K/D now stands at 1.29.


Part of the top-seeded clan, FaZe, Cellium is a legend in the making. With the league still not over Cellium already has the second-highest average K/D in his team- 1.14. He also capped the record for the most number of kills in a Search and Destroy game.  An extremely flexible player for his team, Cellium has played almost every role to perfection. In the Atlanta event, he grabbed the MVP award. His S&D performance is the one that stands out. There, he is the ‘Clutch King’, making him an appropriate nomination.


The 3rd nomination comes from Florida Mutineers. The young prodigy is being celebrated as perhaps the best AR players in the game. He has a highly impressive K/D, which is actually the second-highest in the league. Even so, the x-factor about Skyz is not the number of kills he drops. Obviously, it is expected from an AR player holding the lane to manage a higher number of kills. The secret to Skyz success, however, is his low number of deaths. He has the 3rd lowest average death since the start of the season. In addition to that, Skyz provides excellent calls to his teammates and helps balance the map control. He has been critical in the 3 Home Series wins by Florida.


Not a fresher to MVP awards, Atlanta FaZe’s SIMP is a mastermind COD pro. The winner of the 2019 CWL World Championships MVP, SIMP had all eyes on him from the very start. And deliver he did. Breaking one record after another, SIMP stacked the highest overall K/D for his team with a 1.16. He also holds the record for most kills in a game with 50, breaking his own record of 49, the same day! FaZe is the top seed for a reason with players of the caliber of SIMP looking forward to bringing the title home this August.


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