Blocksport co-founder discusses mission to deliver heightened fan engagement

The majority of esports fans are young, relatively tech-savvy, and actively look for ways that they can engage with their idols. Despite this, many esports stakeholders still lack dedicated platforms where they can foster deeper connections and provide a focused offering for fans, and, in doing so, activate their substantial followings.

Whilst the industry-standard approach appears to be a website coupled with a few branded social media accounts, Blocksport – a white-label mobile app solution – services several competitive esports organisations such as Team Singularity and PENTA Sports with their very own applications.

In the wake of Team Liquid launching its closed beta for Liquid+, and the battle lines for increased fan engagement beginning to be drawn, we spoke with Semih Kaçan, Co-founder and Chairman of Blocksport, to find out more about the company’s mobile solution to fan engagement.

Blocksport Team Singularity
Credit: Blocksport

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Esports Insider: Can you share the inspiration behind Blocksport? Where did the idea originally come from?

Semih Kaçan: Vladimir Liulka, Blocksport’s CEO and Co-founder, and I are fans too, but like other fans we didn’t feel that there was an app that enabled us to engage with our favourite club and benefit in the way we wanted. From there, we decided to create an app that fills this gap for fans but also provides an easy to use solution for the clubs.

Finally, we designed and built our white-label app solution in winter 2019 and have been live since January 2020 with our first client BIG.

ESI: Most competitive esports organisations communicate with fans through their website and social media. Could you outline the key benefits that such organisations can access from having their own app, and indeed the USPs of Blocksport’s functionalities?

SK: With their own app, esports organisations receive direct access to their fans and automatically create a pool of valuable data to personalise the digital fan journey. Furthermore, the club increases the number of impressions and touchpoints which increase the organisation’s value for sponsors.

Additionally, it is worth mentioning the direct distribution channels for partners who can integrate customised products for the fans. With a merchandise store included, the app creates several new revenue streams for organisations and our combination of gamified community management and exclusive money-can’t-buy benefits are creating USPs for the esports organisations who get involved.

ESI: How have conversations been going with teams? Does there seem to be more interest from certain regions, for instance, and has it been difficult to onboard bigger organisations?

SK: Since our launch in January 2020, Blocksport has been in touch with more than 500 organisations – from the semi-professionals to top…

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