BBC Three Announces Excel Esports League of Legends Documentary

Jason Parker
in League of Legends | Dec, 2nd 2020

When we think of quality documentaries, we think of the BBC. Today, we learned that BBC Three would be unveiling a documentary on the UK’s favorite esports org, Excel Esports. Fight For First: Excel Esports is going to offer unprecedented behind the scenes access to Excel’s League of Legends team as they go through the 2020 Spring Split. The need for esports is growing at an unprecedented pace, and seeing such huge names in the documentary field cover League of Legends is exciting. Golden Globe/BAFTA nominee Cillian Murphy will narrate it. It will be a five-part documentary series as they work through the LEC’s Spring Split.

About 80 million people play League of Legends a month, and it’s one of the world’s biggest esports. Easily accessible, with plenty to learn and master, it’s the perfect pick to focus on in this BBC documentary about Excel Esports. With Excel being possibly the biggest name in esports in Britain, this is a match made in heaven. We won’t have too long to wait either, as it will be on the BBC iPlayer in early 2021.

“My sons love gaming,” Murphy said. “When I showed them the trailer for this, they said I had to do it. Being involved in Fight For First has been a great experience, and there is so much more to professional gaming than I ever thought. It has opened up a whole new world to me, and this series provides a proper insight into a fascinating, global industry.”

Well, if you’re in the UK anyway. American viewers will likely have to use a VPN to watch this unless it comes to another streaming service. We’ll reach out about that and get back to you. Excel Esports is a multimillion-dollar org though, one of the biggest in the UK. This Excel Esports documentary will take us through the Twickenham Stadium and Excel’s state-of-the-art training facility as they prepare for the LEC Championships.

“This five-part series showcases our attempts to reach the League of Legends European Championship playoffs for the first time in our history and is a completely unique insight into Excel Esports and what goes on behind the scenes of a major esports organization,” said Kieran Holmes-Darby, co-founder and chief gaming officer at Excel Esports. “At Excel, whilst competing at the elite level, we pride ourselves on always striving to be better, and the series demonstrates how we practice, prepare, and play. Not only will it offer our fans a deeper look into what we do, but it will also offer people who are completely new to esports a fascinating perspective of our exciting industry.”

2019 wasn’t Excel’s best year, coming in 10th place, but now the team has significant financial backing, a new group of players, and some of the best coaches around. Will these players earn those impressive six-figure incomes they now have? This documentary is…

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