Australia’s ACMA Moves to Block More Illegal Offshore Gambling Websites –

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Alliance for Gambling Reform, a major anti-gambling organization in Australian, has urged the authorities to allow NRL teams and players the right to withdraw themselves from use in same-game multi-bets. The body warns the present situation in same-game multis leads to online abuse of their players.

Same-game multis is a kind of bet which enables bettors to merge multiple selections within one game in the pursuit of a huge payout.

Often punters put the money on a single player as an anytime try-scorer. But if the player fails to do so, some punters tend to abuse the player online.

Melbourne Storm flyer Ryan Papenhuyzen recently spoke about the death threats the NRL players receive because of same-game multis.

Papenhuyzen had said: “I get why people do it, but there’s not much need for it. We don’t go out to lose people’s bets or make people’s Supercoach score as low as possible. We go out to win”..

This is the context of the new demand from the Alliance for Gambling Reform.

Tony Mohr of the Alliance for Gambling Reform said: “There is really very little control the players have over who gets to gamble on them. The codes themselves have to face up to the fact that they’re facilitating this. They need to do more to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

“One thing the federal government could do is require those who are operating markets to get the consent of the person they’re making a market on. If you’re not happy with your third try or whatever it is being part of a multi, you get to say no.”


“Multis are a type of wager that people who are heavily invested in gambling take up. People who are fully addicted to sports gambling and experience a lot of really extreme financial stress because of that, tend to be a higher proportion of the people who are betting multis.”

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