Apex Legends Banned Over 400 Diamond Players for Abusing an Exploit

Jason Parker
in Apex Legends | Nov, 5th 2020

People in a competitive game getting caught cheating and getting banned? Say it ain’t so! At least these people are getting punished, like the 2 million accounts in PUBG Mobile. So what’s gone down? In Apex Legends, 419 players at the Diamond or higher rank were banned by using a reprehensible exploit. This isn’t even something you do by accident, it’s very deliberate. It may require a little luck to pull off, but it’s something done deliberately, as it’s a pretty rare glitch otherwise. So what did these players do?

As with all online competitive games, you climb the ladder by playing people of equal or higher skill. So what do you gain from playing as a Diamond Ranked player who goes against exclusively Bronze-level players? Sure, you would still manage to get RP (Ranked Points)l, but you sure aren’t climbing anything. 

These players, the 419 Diamond+ players in Apex Legends got banned for abusing an exploit that let them play in Bronze lobbies instead. Given their skill level compared to Bronze (people are basically starting out), it’s free RP. Since you gain RP from winning matches and kills/assists, these Diamond players were farming ranked points by doing basically nothing. Not to disparage Bronze players, but it was probably akin to Bot Matches.

One of the Respawn devs, Conor Ford is “security” for Apex Legends. Apparently, he tracked these players throughout Season 6 to make sure that what he was thinking (the exploit) was actually going down. His message to them at the beginning of Season 7 was a hilarious one:

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