After ‘Disrespecting’ Mobile Gamers, Dr Disrespect Might Host His Own Game

Whenever you are having a dull day, Dr Disrespect just finds a way to make it a little more interesting. Recently, out of nowhere, Doc took a dig at mobile gaming (again) and sent the community into a frenzy. Clearly, he doesn’t shy away from voicing his opinion on public platforms. Considering this, another announcement made by the ‘Two-Time’ will definitely get the fans all excited.

In a recent tweet, Dr Disrespect hinted towards hosting his own awards show. He believes that there needs to be an award show that focuses on ‘things that really matter’.

I think the gaming industry needs an award show that focuses on things that really matter. Examples: Best Multiplayer Map design, best weapon skin design, best single-player level, best menu music, funniest clip, gameplay clip of the year..etc etc. It’s settled….Next year.”

Dr Disrespect to host his own awards show?

He also added to this by saying, “Reward the true creatives in the industry.”

It is evident that Doc will host his own Game Awards and it will probably be spectacular. Over the years, he has won the ‘Streamer of The Year’ award twice and has established himself as one of the biggest entertainers in the industry. Doing this makes a lot of sense considering he will look to award the niche content that’s usually overlooked in games and in the content of the creators as well.

Publications do often write pieces ranking the best maps in particular games but that is not enough for Doc. In addition to this, he also wants to celebrate the funniest clips by creators and reward them in the proper manner, and not a YouTube video compilation. Clearly, the man has a plan.

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To add to the excitement, the official Esports Awards replied to this by saying, “We hear you… We will happily give you a dedicated section of our show to run this, including at the ceremony in Arlington next year, black and red trophies optional.”

It seems that Doc’s plan is already in motion and it is just a matter of time before it turns into a reality.

Doc hosting his own awards show may seem a little surprising, but it really isn’t. Since his move to YouTube, he has done all kinds of things to ensure that his brand…

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