A Warzone Glitch Leads to Infinite Respawns on Rebirth Island

Jason Parker
in Call of Duty | Dec, 22nd 2020

Not even live for a full week and we’re already seeing game-breaking glitches on Warzone’s Rebirth Island. In particular, the most interesting one to us is the Infinite Respawn glitch that shows up on said island, in Call of Duty: Warzone. In theory, Rebirth Island’s redeploy is supposed to have a limit. It’s unique for Warzone, where you can come back to try your luck and keep your team in the game longer. But what if you can just keep coming back until your team wins?

Sounds moderately unfair, if you ask us. If players can time a respawn with a team wipe though, this could be a way to garner free wins. We don’t recommend using glitches to win on purpose though.

This news came courtesy of Reddit. The player in question died and one of their teammates left the game. The player’s view was stuck on one of their teammates who kept redeploying over and over every time they died. All the other players perished in the gas, but this rogue player kept redeploying via the Infinite Respawn glitch in Warzone. 

What is interesting is that this particular infinite respawn glitch in Warzone did not appear to be intentional. Here’s what we know. In the same second that a player was taken out on their team, another player left the game. If it was intentional on the other two player’s parts, we cannot say.

This would cause the ally’s camera to be stuck. The player in question couldn’t move or even redeploy. Somehow, the final team member could infinitely respawn, as if he had a Game Genie on the NES. No matter how many times the player dropped, they kept coming back. When this all triggered, there were 30 players remaining, but ultimately, all succumbed to the gas except this one person.

GeneriAce on Reddit had a similar experience:

“That’s weird. I was on a match with similar thing. But they teammate was spectating us like normal. But his respawn timer kept resetting. We weren’t able to buy him back either. But once it hit the “no respawn” time, we were able to buy him back as his timer stopped. But we were guaranteed respawns during the time he was out. Which was weird.”
It was impossible for this team to lose since one player could break the rules and just keep returning. It does sound like the key was the player leaving the game as soon as their ally died. Could this be abused? It could, but the person who leaves likely will not get the free win, only the players that remain in the game. We hope to see this fixed soon, but it’s a pretty ridiculous glitch if we can be honest. We don’t know how easy this glitch is to replicate, but it’s certainly a thing going around right now. The glitches and bugs in CoD: Warzone never seem to end, but this one is up there as one of the wildest. A guaranteed free win for everyone in your party that isn’t disconnected? That’s…

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