5 Best free PS4 games in 2020

The PS4 library is one of the most impressive aspects of the console, and one of its biggest selling points. The PlayStation Store is rich with exclusives, free-to-play games and quality third-party titles.

The Store also runs plenty of sales and discounts for various PS4 games throughout the year. Along with the PS Plus, players can purchase some of the best games for reasonable prices.

While there are plenty of great Triple-A games that you can purchase, there are a whole bunch of great PS4 games available for free.

Five best free PS4 games in 2020

5) Destiny 2

Bungie, after its success with the Halo franchise, chose to work on an entirely new project along with EA, which resulted in Destiny. The first game was initially panned upon launch but got significantly better with updates later, as was the game’s promise.

Destiny 2 improved upon the foundation laid by the first game. The base game, without the expansions, is available on the PlayStation Store for free.

Players can enjoy the primary campaign and all the Strikes that come along with the base game. However, they will have to purchase the expansions separately from the Store.

4) Fortnite

The undoubted king of the battle royales, Fortnite has managed to stay relevant despite claims of being stagnant and ‘dying down’. Fortnite needs absolutely no introduction, and the game has a massive following across many platforms, and is free-to-play.

The game has managed to attract more players and retain its existing player base by way of regular updates and creative events such as live concerts and movie screenings.


SMITE has risen to popularity, and become one of the most streamed games on various streaming platforms. The game gives you control of powerful Gods as they battle each other using multiple powerups and abilities.

SMITE is an extremely intuitive game and is not derivate unlike other games in the genre post-League of Legends.

2) Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a fresh take on the battle royale genre with an increased emphasis on speed, mobility and abilities. Each character in Apex Legends has unique abilities and skills, and different combinations of these characters can provide a whole different play-style and experience.

Apex Legends is set in the Titanfall universe, and brings back a lot of weapons from the Titanfall games.

1) Warframe

Warframe is one of the most recognizable and popular free-to-play games across multiple platforms. Warframe provides an exhilarating experience and is one of the most polished free-to-play games ever to hit the market.

Warframe, despite its free-to-play tag,…

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