20 Best Video Game Documentaries You Should Watch

The best video game documentaries highlight the industry’s ability to engage, even when you have no controller in hand. You don’t always have to be sitting down with a video game to enjoy the medium. It’s a highly versatile art form that’s effectively entertaining even if you’re just learning about its history or following the long and sordid development of your favorite games.

The next time you’re in the mood for a movie, forego the usual suspects and consider throwing on one of the following documentaries. At the very least, you can still feel like you’re part of the community without actually dealing with said community.


The Best Video Game Documentaries

20. Video Game Invasion: The History of a Global Obsession

Video Game Invasion
Video Game Invasion

Director: David Carr & David Comtois

Who better to host an exposé into the video game industry than, erm, Tony Hawk? Actually, considering how popular his gaming series is, it’s not a terrible choice. Especially since Hawk’s love for gaming is evident as he takes viewers on a ride through the prolific industry.

If you’re an avid fan of video games, no matter how old they are, you’re going to get a kick out of Video Game Invasion. Hawk starts back in the 1970s with Pong and works his way through the mania that swept the nation.

Ever wonder where your favorite games of today stemmed from? Video Game Invasion helps bridge the gap between today’s technical marvels and the pixelated favorites of yesteryear. Doom and other influential series take the spotlight as we learn why we’ve grown obsessed with this digital medium.


19. Rise of the Video Game

Director: N/A

Think the gaming industry has always been the multi-billionaire dollar trade it is today? Through this five-part documentary from The Discovery Channel, we explore exactly how we got to where we are, starting with the earliest incarnations of the digital form of entertainment.

Each episode takes us through a different generation of gaming, from the earliest release in 1958 to the 21st-century Internet-based wonders we know and love.

While there are some factual issues in Rise of the Video Game, the basic concept is a fun and insightful glimpse into the history of gaming featuring some notable titles.


18. From Bedrooms to Billions: The PlayStation Revolution

From Bedrooms to Billions The PlayStation Revolution
From Bedrooms to Billions The PlayStation Revolution

Director: Anthony Caulfield & Nicole Caulfield

It’s hard to deny the influence that the PlayStation brand has had on the gaming industry. From Bedrooms to Billions aims to explore the history of Sony PlayStation and lay out the blueprint for the successful gaming console.

It all started with a demo of a tyrannosaurus and wound up exploding into franchises like Uncharted, Horizon, and God of War, but how exactly did PlayStation rise to its level of success?


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