🎮 LPL + LCK Slate Breakdown | LoL DFS Picks February 28

Five series happen twice a week, and this is the last day the LCK and LPL combine for a few days. My breakdown of each series is below, while also including a peppering of LoL DFS picks. 

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LCK Series:

Gen.G (GEN) vs. Afreeca Freecs (AF)

Liiv Sandbox (LSB) vs. Nongshim Redforce (NS)

LPL Series:

Victory Five (V5) vs. LNG Esports (LNG)

Rare Atom (RA) vs. Oh My God (OMG)

Suning (SN) vs. Invictus Gaming (IG)


TOP-Langx TOP-Ale
JNG-Weiwei JNG-Tarzan
MID-Mole MID-icon
ADC-Trigger ADC-Light
SUP-ppgod SUP-Iwandy
TOP-Cube TOP-New
MID-FoFo MID-Wuming
ADC-iBoy ADC-Eric
SUP-Hang SUP-Cold
TOP-bin TOP-TheShy
MID-Angel MID-Rookie
ADC-huanfeng ADC-Puff

LoL DFS Picks: DraftKings LPL + LCK Slate Breakdown


LPL kicks the slate off with a very interesting series between two teams likely battling it out for lower playoff positioning. V5 is coming fresh off a 2-0 win against an OMG, which had the potential for V5 to score well for LoL DFS, however V5 was too clean in closing out games. Tonight is a bit trickier, although if either of these teams do manage to put up high kill totals, they could be great LoL DFS options due to their high assists per kill totals. This feels about as close to a 50/50 as one can get, and I like Mole to bounce back if V5 gets the 2-0. 


After an impressive start, LNG’s leaks, which were always there, started leaking water, causing their current three series loss streak. None of the teams they lost to are bad teams, however the fact that they’ve all been sweeps, isn’t great. LNG has a solid chance this series, and I like them quite a bit to score decently should they win, as this team can win fights down a bunch of gold, so if they’re ahead, they make for a scary opponent. Tarzan is one of my favorite options here, and if he gets the best of another great jungler in Weiwei, LNG’s chances will improve. 


With a less than stellar game loss last time against BRO, GEN needs to fully focus against an AF team capable of pulling out solid performances. Their bookend games against BRO were largely solid, if unspectacular for LoL DFS purposes, and AF only has three games where they died 20 or more times, which might make GEN just a solid option instead of a great one. There being five series tonight, makes me want to not go crazy on GEN, however this should be another series victory, and I’m rarely against rostering BDD. 


AF came out guns blazing against KT, absolutely burying them 2-0, while putting up just under 30 kills between the two games. GEN provides a much sturdier test tonight, nonetheless AF has enough…

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