⁠Bilibili Gaming hand RNG their first 2021 LPL Spring Split loss

Bilibili Gaming took down the Royal Never Give Up behemoth today during the fifth week of 2021 LPL Spring Split in a intensive three-game series.

Going into this League of Legends showdown, RNG were seen as the favorites after their dominating performance the past couple of weeks. Xiaohu has been a huge factor for RNG, popping off on various top laners following his recent lane swap and being the carry in multiple matches. Today however, he failed to show up and his unconvential picks were shut down by BLG, who have shown that gods do bleed.

The MVP votes went to the solo laners of BLG, Yu “Biubiu” Lei-Xin and Kim “Zeka” Geon-woo. Biubiu had a heroic performance on Jayce in the second game, solo carrying his team from the jaws of defeat, while Zeka used Sylas in the third game to control the map by stealing the ultimates from Twisted Fate and Pantheon.

This series began with a statement game from the undefeated RNG. During their 29-minute win, they left no room for error with everyone playing their laning phase perfectly. After they’ve transitioned to the mid-game, they’ve grouped up to secure the drakes and the Baron. Together, they were unbeatable by BLG and easily secured the first game win with mid laner Cryin receiving the MVP vote for his deathless Orianna performance.

The second game looked much more chaotic with both teams going for snowballing picks without a frontline. BLG matched RNG’s aggressive playstyle and traded kill for kill. The gold lead kept trading between teams up until BLG’s Biubiu took the control of the game in his own hands during the mid-game. His Jayce mechanics allowed BLG to wipe the floor with RNG a couple of times, before building an enormous lead and equalizing the series.

After the devastating loss in the second game, RNG banned out Jayce and picked for comfort in every lane. Xiaohu in particular picked up the Syndra top lane to control Biubu, but this would come to bite him later on. After being camped early on and set behind, he became the liability for his team as he couldn’t do anything to BLG’s composition. The game culminated with a quadrakill by BLG’s Aiming before they closed out the series.

Following this 2-1 win over RNG, BLG(4-3) are in sixth place in the 2021 LPL Spring Split standings. They’ll be back on the Rift on Saturday, Feb. 6 with an easy match up against Oh My God.

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